Name's Abby. I'm on a serious journey to become the healthiest and strongest version of me in all the ways that count. This is a record of my journey to losing weight, getting ridiculously strong, and finding love. I'm a gym rat, begrudging Floridian, kickass paralegal, sincere as they come, and a hopeless romantic. Love: My family, lifting, good eats, fitness, art, tattoos, my Apple TV, traveling, and life itself. I'm random as hell. ∞
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    July 12 – 6 Notes
    1. alfewulf said: Yes! Abbe don’t believe hoodie. I luv ya on my own girl. Lol
    2. myquietstrength said: haha! I love being your crush twice. I’ll take credit for Ronnie’s blog too and say it’s 3 times. ;)
    3. queenbliss said: <3 *hug* & :-*
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