Name's Abby. Many pounds down; many more to go. On a serious journey to become the healthiest and strongest version of me in all the ways that count. Gym rat. Gluten intolerant. Floridian. Paralegal. Sincere as they come. Hopeless romantic. Workaholic. Love: My family, lifting, Paleo, fitness, Manhattan, art, fashion, tattoos, my Apple TV, traveling, and life itself.


  1. alfewulf said: Yes! Abbe don’t believe hoodie. I luv ya on my own girl. Lol
  2. myquietstrength said: haha! I love being your crush twice. I’ll take credit for Ronnie’s blog too and say it’s 3 times. ;)
  3. queenbliss said: <3 *hug* & :-*
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