A Journey Chronicled
Name's Abby. I'm on a serious journey to become the healthiest and strongest version of me in all the ways that count. This is a record of my journey to losing weight, getting ridiculously strong, and finding love. I'm a gym rat, begrudging Floridian, kickass paralegal, sincere as they come, and a hopeless romantic. Love: My family, lifting, good eats, fitness, art, tattoos, my Apple TV, traveling, and life itself. I'm random as hell.
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  • queen-oleander:

    We should teach young boys to respect women, but we should also teach young girls to respect women. Women should not see each other as enemies, but as allies. Stop telling young girls that the best they can be is “not like other girls”.

    I used to take pride in not being like other girls. Now I just take pride in being who I am. I know there’s not many people like me, but that doesn’t somehow make me better than anyone it just make me, me.

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  • I agree about remaining open. This last guy kinda shattered some perceptions about what my type is or what I needed to be in love. I now know what it is to be in love with someone, imperfections and all. I know what my must haves are. I think for the first time I’m really okay with being alone—no boyfriend, no fuck buddies, no safety nets. It’s scary, but I think it’ll allow me to grow in ways I never could have, which will lead to where I belong.

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  • The notion of fate has always sounded to me like it was created by someone who is very lazy, very stupid, or both. I’ve always held the belief that you have exactly what you work for and it’s up to you to make shit happen. Everything I have, I worked for.

    I think this has been part of the problem with dating—I’ve been trying to make it happen. But love isn’t something you can force or earn. There’s no love clock for me to punch and thereby accrue love bucks. I’m beginning to think that love is one of those things that’s fated—that person finds you exactly how and when they should. I’m not saying it’s effortless, but no amount of me wanting it or seeking it out is going to force it to happen. Sure, having a dating profile or being out in public may be necessary for it to occur, as I highly doubt that person will materialize at my front door. I don’t know what I need to do differently to allow fate to do as it will, if anything.

    I feel like meeting whatshisface was a one in a billion thing. It was almost an accident, but everything came so easily. We never forced conversation. I liked and loved everything about him, and it came as easily as breathing. It came when I needed it most. Whether he’s a reason, season, it lifetime person to me—who knows. I know that he came just when I needed him to and he taught me what I needed to learn. Maybe that was the extent of the purpose of meeting him. Maybe not. Maybe he was brought into my life to prepare me for what lies ahead. If that’s the case, I now know you can’t make it happen. We were at the right place, at the right time for it to happen.

    Maybe I need to just keep my head down, work on me, lose some weight, and not be in any sort of relationship just yet. All of my recent experiences were like going back to the artificial shit after getting a taste for the real stuff. The interactions were forced and no one grabbed my attention. Plus, getting someone’s hopes up when I’m not ready or interested is wrong. I don’t want to be a Duane to someone else just to not feel alone.

    We shall see…

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  • naturallywholocked:

    if a girl asks you for a tampon, I dont care how much you hate that bitch if you have one you hand it over no one deserves that level of hell

    Truth. Teeth picker bitch, who I loathe and wish would disappear into thin air, asked for one the other day. I happily gave her one despite my insane dislike for her and despite the fact that we have a vending machine in the bathroom.

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  • jaycanadian:


    Clear skies up there today. Zero fucks for as far at the eye can see. 

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  • Happy Tuesday, my dears! I’m so grateful for the long weekend and the shortened work week. For the first time in weeks I’m feeling okay thanks to the talk I had with him. I’m very excited about tonight’s workout. I can’t stop staring at my tattoo! I hope you all have a great day and week. xoxo

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  • Glad you liked it. I woke up to that anon message and whipped up the story on the spot. It was pretty fun to write something at someone’s request. Granted, that was just the foreplay.

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  • foodfamilyfood:

    Portobello Mushroom Pizza stuffed with Marinara Sauce, Grape Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Fresh Basil {Via @The Cooking Jar}

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  • twentythreetolife replied to your post “Thank you all for your feedback—I enjoyed reading about how you found…”

    Maybe you need to take a dip in a new pool :) We have nice pools out in California! Get outta Florida girl

    Riiiiight?  I swear, maybe one person read my profile before messaging me. People who have nothing in common with me keep messaging me.  I hate Central Florida, yet I love my job and my house. Waaahhhh! :’(

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  • Thank you all for your feedback—I enjoyed reading about how you found love. I’m hopeful that the cess pool known as the interwebs may not be hopeless after all.

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  • One thing I really adore about him and that still cheers me up to this day, is the fact that he says lol AND hahahaha. He’ll respond to something like “Lol. Hahahahahaha.” He doesn’t choose one or the other. That’s such a stupid thing to find endearing about someone, but it’s adorable to me. I’m such a stupid sap.

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  • I’m curious, for those of you who have met your significant other in the past say, five or so years and you are in a longterm committed relationship, engaged, or married, reply with how/where you met them. Gym, online, grocery store, high school, college, workplace, etc…

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