Name's Abby. I'm on a serious journey to become the healthiest and strongest version of me in all the ways that count. This is a record of my journey to losing weight, getting ridiculously strong, and finding love. I'm a gym rat, begrudging Floridian, kickass paralegal, sincere as they come, and a hopeless romantic. Love: My family, lifting, good eats, fitness, art, tattoos, my Apple TV, traveling, and life itself. I'm random as hell. ∞
  • I’d marry that man in 1 second flat.

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  • Fresh sheets. Unfffffff. Good night, all! 😙

  • Even if just once, even if just for a moment in time, I want to hold you. I want feel your arms around me. I want to rest my head against your chest. I want to listen to your heartbeat and feel your chest rise and fall. I want to breathe you in. I want everything I can’t say to just melt away in an embrace.

  • So, even if I wore leggings, this is way too slutty to wear out with the kids. I’m not wearing a bra, and with one the girls are even more pronounced. Back to the drawing board.

  • humansofnewyork:

    "My mom died in August."
    "What was your favorite thing about her?"
    "Her sense of humor."
    "What was the time you most appreciated her sense of humor?"
    "Probably when I was in high school and she walked in on my girlfriend and I going at it. I was too embarrassed to go back home, so she called my girlfriend, and asked to speak to me. When I got on the phone, she said: ‘Bet you went soft pretty quick there, huh?’"

  • Hello. I hope you are having a good Sunday. I just wanted to say that I think you are beautiful, and your text posts make me smile and chuckle. Have a good one, whatever you are up to x

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to say so! I am having a lovely Sunday, in fact, and I don’t want it to end. I just woke up from a lovely nap. Beautiful—well, that’s a little generous. Funny—now that I take great pride in. I find my life to be amusing and enjoy sharing it with you all. I hope you are having a good one as well! xo

    Hey, Dubbayoo here. Deleted my tumblr, probably won't start back. Wanted to let you know. Stay delicious, don't take any shit from anyone. Know your worth and demand it from everyone. I'll probably still rub a few out thinking about you:)

    Awww! You’re so sweet. I was wondering where you went. Me? Take shit? NEVER!!! Feel free to drop me a line from time to time. And definitely feel free to rub one out on my account. xoxoxo

  • Happy Sunday, my lovelies! I am on my way to a friend’s house for girl time. I suppose I should hang out with people every now and again, if I must. Ugghh.

    I got a new matte lip stain and I like it a lot. This pic doesn’t do it justice. It’s Revlon matte balm in “Showy”. I always feel connected with my lip color names. Perhaps that’s the point.

    Anyhow, I hope wherever in the world you are that you are happy, loved, and well. xoxo

  • "All you can control is your effort". Thank you, actionsexpresspriority for that gem of wisdom. Michael told me something similar the other night in context of my eating. He said I can’t control life and the things that stress me out or cause me pain, but I can control my eating. He said to let that be my constant in all the mess. I can’t control what happens to me, but I can control my actions, my effort, and my response.

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    What’s the word for horny but not in a sexual way like I’m horny for Halloween but I don’t wanna fuck a pumpkin you feel

    do u mean excited

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  • I’m saying this because I’m presently frustrated, not because I’m bitter or jaded—every time I take compassion on someone or some thing, it bites me in the ass somehow. I let my elderly cat sleep with me because I feel bad for him. He wet the bed in his sleep. Where was he sleeping? At my feet. Not fun to deal with at 3AM. Thankfully, he’s so fucking old that his pee doesn’t really smell like anything.