Name's Abby. I'm on a serious journey to become the healthiest and strongest version of me in all the ways that count. This is a record of my journey to losing weight, getting ridiculously strong, and finding love. I'm a gym rat, begrudging Floridian, kickass paralegal, sincere as they come, and a hopeless romantic. Love: My family, lifting, good eats, fitness, art, tattoos, my Apple TV, traveling, and life itself. I'm random as hell. ∞
  • I always wanted a Halloween wedding.

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  • "Forget all the fad equipment. The barbell is king, the dumbbell is queen, and everything else is a court jester."
  • nourriture-et-fleurs Thank you! Fortunately, I had bangs for a year and a half so I know what I’m in for. Also, my hairdresser provides free bang trims in between haircuts. :D

  • Told ya I was a Samantha.

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  • I just realized that I have a frienemy. He is a pain in the ass and I can’t stand him that much, but he’s sweet and lonely and pathetic and I feel bad for him. Every once in a while I throw him a bone, and have dinner with him. I forgot that sympathetic Abby said she’d have dinner with him tonight, which has made it bitchy Abby’s problem. Grrrrr!

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    It’s a toss up between The Good, The Bad & The Ugly and Toy Story.


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  • Epiphany


    I’m a fucking asshole for putting up with this fucking asshole for TWO YEARS!!!! I’m done.

    The sad part? I put up with him for two more years after this. I’m an asshole.

    October 1 – 3 Notes
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  • When I was talking to Michael about the body I envision I told him that I don’t picture myself being skinny or smaller. I don’t think I’d like my body that small. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been small in ages so I literally can’t imagine it. I felt bad admitting this because I feel like it’s mediocre to say I only want to lose x amount of pounds and then stop. I also felt like I’d be letting him down. He told me that whatever body I can picture myself having and living completely as is, that’s the goal we’re going for. He is trying to get me healthy and strong, and to a place where I’m proud of my body. I told him the story about what started my journey—uttering the words I’m not proud of my body. He said that’s what we’re working to fix. It’s so refreshing to hear this from a trainer!

  • This is the biggest lie I tell: I like them as a person, but _______.

  • I’m actually quite happy today, but I’m also full of piss and vinegar. Anyone who willingly gets in my way will get their ass kicked. Starting with the bitchy paralegal on the other side of this one case.

  • Trick or tr(eat me out) 🎃

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