A Journey Chronicled
Name's Abby. On a serious journey to become the healthiest and strongest version of me in all the ways that count. Gym rat. Floridian. Paralegal. Sincere as they come. Hopeless romantic. Workaholic. Love: My family, lifting, good eats, fitness, art, tattoos, my Apple TV, traveling, and life itself.
  • Happy Hump Day, my dears! This goes out to actionsexpresspriority who threatened to unfollow my lame ass if I stopped posting selfies.

    Tonight’s a rest night and boy do I need it. I plan on taking it very easy tonight.

    I have a date planned with another guy this weekend. He was very creative in his approach. He was the first guy to discuss my interests instead of my looks. Points for reading my profile.

    I hope you all have a fabulous day! xoxo

  • My fucking period came early, so no sex on either date this weekend. Ugghh.

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  • Training with a personal trainer has massively increased my passion for fitness. If you know me, you know know that knowledge is my greatest passion. So, yesterday I submitted an application for re-enrollment to UCF for a second degree. I am looking to get either a second Bachelors or some sort of cert/degree in PT/exercise science. This doesn’t mean I would stop training or leave the legal field. I love training with Michael and I love being a paralegal. I also love helping people. This would be a way for me to expand my knowledge base and perhaps help someone reach their health goals like Michael is doing for me. Best of both worlds if you ask me. :D

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  • I miss good morning and goodnight texts. I miss I love yous. I miss having someone rub my ass until I fall asleep. I miss waking up at 3AM to make love. I miss having someone to tell everything to. I miss showering with someone. I miss cooking for someone. So much I miss and as sad as I feel, I feel hopeful. That person is out there and it’ll be so right. They’ll say I love you and mean it. They’ll step up and show it. It’s not some magical fairytale or cure all, but it’ll be just the right addition to my life.

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  • Things that irk me:

    (1) When someone doesn’t take my no as no. I hate having to repeat myself. I said no nicely, don’t make me say it not nicely. Respect my wishes. I’m not someone who gets persuaded.

    (2) When someone asks for legal help. I’m a paralegal, not an attorney. I work in personal injury law, so no, I can’t help you with your divorce, bankruptcy, or criminal charges.

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  • "I barely find anybody attractive. I barely feel any affection for anybody.. But when I do.. I fall in so deep, so hard it’s ridiculous."
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  • misskitkatcupcake, I only do boobs and special requests for lovely people such as yourself.

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  • actionsexpresspriority how’s that for a selfie?!?

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  • weaponsgradegains:



    Think of it this way; your body is like a piece of fruit, you let everybody have a taste and piece of you, soon enough there won’t be anything left and there will come a person who won’t want you because of that. I mean, would you want a piece of fruit that everyone has had their mouths all over?

    you’re acting like a person has been tainted physically after they’ve been with someone😂 you are really dumb forreal

    Stop comparing people to goddamn foods. They are people. Stop minimizing people because they chose to be intimate and share a moment with another person, a person is not defined by the number of people they have shared moments with. Be it 0 or 100. That is none of your damn business. Each intimate encounter is different and important or special in its own way and if you look down on other people because they choose to have the audacity to be intimate with other people before they met you, maybe you should start looking for internally based problems and issues rather than casting blame or putting other people down.

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  • "I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road."
    Stephen Hawking (via darksilenceinsuburbia)

    (Source: likeafieldmouse, via ridelikeafatkid)

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  • ruletheworldinfiveeasysteps asked : How did you get into your field? Did you always want to be a paralegal?

    I didn’t actually—I wanted to be an attorney, but stumbled into being a paralegal. I’m glad I didn’t go to law school. Sure, I know I would excel at being an attorney, but I love what I do. I didn’t want to go into massive law school debt, I didn’t feel the drive to go back to school (though I’m thinking of going back for personal training or something along those lines), and I didn’t want the case to ultimately rest in my hands. I also didn’t want to get out of school and not be able to find a job. Orlando is over-saturated with attorneys. I know law school graduates who make less than me working as attorneys. I get to work the case up, desk with the clients, and ultimately I worked the case day in and day out. Making more money is appealing, but that wasn’t reason enough for me to go to law school.

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  • ruletheworldinfiveeasysteps asked : If you had to live on ONE food and ONE beverage for an entire month, what would you choose?

    You could have at least asked me a difficult question!!!! Lol. Easy—sushi and iced coffee. I looooooooove sushi.

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  • Good morning, everybody! I hope you all are well. I’m kinda grumpy and a little angry today. I’m still working through some shit. No selfie because what’s the point? You already know what I look like.

    By the end of the day yesterday most of the pain and limit in my mobility had disappeared. I worked out fine last night. It’s still a little sore, but that’s fine. I’ll take sore over painful and immobile any day.

    TMI Tuesday, if you want—my ask is open. Have a great day! xoxo

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